Things We're Obsessed With From: Glam Bathrooms


1. Glass Pillars - Nothing says glam like mirror- these Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Pillars will spruce up your current bathroom and when you light the candles and dim the lights everything will look magical.


2. Chandelier - A chandelier will dress up the bathroom and add sparkle, plus the warm light it gives off with feel luxurious.  We love the crystal rods on this one fromOne Lings Lane.


3. Brass Clock - Father Times 2018 is wrapping up. Keep your eye on the Baby New Years arrival with this elegant Vintage Brass Clock available online from Wayfair.


4.Champagne Bucket -  A little bubbly as you get ready for your NYE fun.  Keep the Veuve Clicquot cold in this great looking champagne bucket from Bed Bath &Beyond. 


5. Recovery Cream - Too much fun over the holiday season?  NEVER!! Treat yourself to Ursa Major Recovery Cream- a stellar year is in your future!


6. Chair - Adding a chair to your bathroom is both luxurious and useful.  Wayfairs Louis Chair has a beautiful shabby chic vibe that is relaxed yet regal vibe to any room.