Things We're Obsessed With From: Kid's Bathrooms




1. Rubber Duckies - Never too many bath toys! This Rubber Duckie comes in a myriad of colors and you can even personalize a sailor’s cap for the duck! So cute!!!


2. TowelsThis Woven Blue Ombre Towel is youthful but not so much so that you’ll need to be put away once your pint sized visitors take their leave.


3. Body Wash - Everyone loves everything Beauty Counter. Treat the skin of your littles ones with the same care you love for yourself. Baby Gentle All Over Wash


4. Bathroom Step Stool - These great looking Bano Step Stools can be stacked- so the littlest teeth brushers get a few, while the bigger kids need only one.


5. Soap on a Rope - Do you remember Soap On A Rope? It won’t slip to the floor when it’s hung on the faucet handle, and will dry nicely so it’s ready for the next tub time. Plus the bright colored glycerines add cheer to the bathroom.