Things We're Obsessed With From: Fireplace Bathrooms


  1. Graphic Art - One easy way to update any bathroom space is to add a piece of graphic art. We are particularly obsessed with this "Last Tuesday" limited edition collage and the "Pines" photograph. These pieces would give any bathroom a modern touch and make the space feel instantly refreshed and modern.


2. Nickel Bathtub Tray - as if a bubble bath isn't the ultimate self-care staple in and of itself, this bathtub tray is the perfect for holding your wine glass and a book.  Big glass of Burgundy and Becoming.  Yes, please!


3. Vintage Inspired Birch Candlesticks -nothing adds to an ambiance quite like a flickering flame of beeswax candles. We love these vintage inspired birch candlesticks for that very reason plus the height variation they bring to a bathroom vanity or window sill. 


4. Woven Natural Apbaca Floor Mat - we are obsessed with this floor mat for so many reasons, but most of all we love the natural element it brings to a space. It's such an easy way to add texture and interest to a bathroom. 


5. Cozy Cairo Straight Piping Bath Towels - towels are not given enough attention. Good, fresh, thick towels immediately raise the luxe factor of your bathroom. We are particularly obsessed with these for their plushness, absorbency and especially the crisp tailored piping detail. To add some color, pair the white and azure towels with the Nikita bath rug.